Main services

- cars with low-built chassis or crashed cars all over Czech Republic and   Europe
- vehicles to 2,8t. max.with 6 persons, 5,2m - tilting platform
- vehicles to 3,5t., slide platform
- vehicles cca. 4t., with loading crane
- light truck vehicle on the tow bar
- vehicles - fixed platforms to 1,6t. or 5m, max.with 5 persons
- extricating vehicles - hydraulic arm, hydraulic crane - all terrain car

Car park:
| Praha 5 - Zbraslav | Praha 4 - Chodov | D1 - 12km - Modletice |

Complementary services

- car repairs - all makes, nonstop, possible on the place of accident
- extricating vehicles from underground garage
- tyre repair shop
- indoor parking place - supervising nonstop
- outdoor parking place - supervising nonstop
- liquidation of insurance claims - Č-poj., Kooperativa, etc.
- lending off-road vehicles including driver
- possibility to employ services of three tow trucks, two light tow trucks   and two off-road vehicles (including towage)
- possibility to employ services of three vehicles which are self-contained   to repairs

For client:
- transport to the airport - Nissan Patrol (6 persons), Audi A-6 combi
- accommodation at a hotel

Negotiated prices
All services are ensured nonstop including weekends and holidays